Nutritional Coaching

What is nutritional coaching?

By definition, coaching is an intervention through which a professional works with an individual to improve his/her habits and self-esteem, and works on motivation and developing his/her full potential in order to obtain the best version of him/herself.

The nutritional coach focuses on making people aware that the only internal obstacle they encounter when reaching for their goals is themselves: fear of failure, lack of confidence, etc. are the real barriers. Nutritional coaching is a process through which the patient identifies and overcomes obstacles, creates the right environment and adopts the attitude and determination necessary to achieve a change in their diet, while improving other aspects of themselves and their lifestyle.

Nutritional coaching offers a treatment option in which not only are the rules and objectives are given by the professional, but the patient as well, based on his / her skills and his /her own life experience, he/ she is capable of significantly and actively interacting from the beginning to the end of the treatment. It is also based on nutritional education, a key area for both groups and individuals, which allows for a comprehensive intervention that endures over time.

We offer counseling and nutritional education plans that seek to create healthy eating habits and lifestyles for life.

At Rodrigo Soto – Cirugía Plástica y Medicina Estética we have partnered with expert nutritionists who help us achieve this goal.