Botulinum toxin (BOTOX) is a substance that temporarily prevents muscle contractions in the area applied; therefore it attenuates, diminishes, or even disappers the wrinkles caused by movement and expression lines. Botox is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the United States) and has been used as treatment for over 50 years, without reporting any major complications.

Botox is applied through small injections in the areas to be treated; forehead, eyebrows and around the eyes (crow’s feet). It does not require anesthesia and the patient can resume normal activities immediately following the procedure. Slight redness may occur, however it disappears within a few hours. It is important to note that this substance immobilizes the muscles; therefore it should not be applied in areas that could affect the patient's expression such as around the mouth and under the eyes.

BOTOX provides spectacular and immediate results, and is used by both women and men.
The effect lasts approximately six months, after which a new application is recommended.

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