Face lift

  • Out of respect for our patients, we do not publish photos before and after the facial procedures, these images can be seen with Dr. Rodrigo Soto at the assessment appointment.

A facelift, which is technically known as rhytidectomy, is performed to eliminate wrinkles and flaccidity in the face and neck by removing excess skin and repositioning facial muscles. This process helps patients look between ten and fifteen years younger, depending on the age at which the surgery is performed. If combined with eyelid and forehead surgery, and fat injections, the results can be spectacular.

A facial rejuvenation surgery or facelift is performed by making incisions in front and behind the ears through which the muscles are stretched and repositioned. Over time scarring becomes imperceptible.
A facial rejuvenation surgery or facelift lasts between 3 and 5 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia.
After undergoing facial rejuvenation surgery the patient must remain at home for eight days and use a chin band during that period of time. During recovery we recommend that the patient avoid strong movements or activities that require physical exertion. Bruising and swelling is normal, however it will decrease significantly over time. We recommend applying an ice pack indirectly during the first few days and afterwards alternating it with heat. Other recommendations will be provided during the follow-up appointments, if required.

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