Post bariatric surgery or Excess skin removal surgery

  • Eliminates excess skin after weight loss
  • Results in a more toned body
  • Eliminates stretch marks and flacidity

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Post bariatric surgery or Excess skin removal surgery

When a patient has suffered dramatic weight loss as a result of bariatric surgery or nonsurgical treatments, skin folds occur in various areas of the body; once the patient is able to maintain the new weight for a considerable period of time, he /she can undergo post weight loss skin removal surgery.

Post weight loss skin removal surgery is a procedure performed under general anaesthesia. We initially work on the lower part of the body, including abdomen, dorsum, buttocks and thighs, then in a subsequent procedure on the upper part, including breasts, back and arms. Sometimes the neck is included when extreme sagging is present. Excess skin is removed, and sometimes liposuction is also performed.
After undergoing post weight loss skin removal surgery the patient should remain in the hospital for one or two days and wear a full body compression garment at all times.

The initial recovery period is two weeks, where the patient must remain on bed rest. During this period swelling and bruising is normal, and it may even be necessary to drain some of the incisions. Ensuring that the patient takes the necessary prescription medicine is essential in order to avoid major pain and swelling; massages are very effective and follow-up medical care is crucial. Once the recovery is complete, the patient will notice the change and it will be able to enjoy the weight loss.

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