Chin liposuction

  • Out of respect for our patients, we do not publish photos before and after the facial procedures, these images can be seen with Dr. Rodrigo Soto at the assessment appointment.

Chin Surgery or Liposuction corrects the chinline, jawline and neckline due to excess fat.

In chin liposuction a very small incision is made under the chin, to ensure minimal scarring. Fat is extracted using a very thin liposuction cannula. The use of ultrasound is also very common, in order to achieve better skin retraction. Chin liposuction helps the patient attain a more defined, younger-looking face.
Chin liposuction lasts 30 minutes and is done as an outpatient surgery.
After undergoing chin liposuction the patient must wear a chin strap 24/7 for a week and at night for four weeks. It is possible that on the first day the incision drain slightly, this is normal after liposuction and is nothing to be worried about. Swelling may also occur, and will disappear approximately after 10 days. During recovery the patient needs to apply indirect ice packs at intervals for two days, and after that apply warm compresses for a week. Other recommendations will be provided during the follow-up appointments, if required.

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