Radiofrequency (RF)

This type of rejuvenation treatment consists of applying radio frequency waves to the areas to be treated, reactivating the production of collagen. The result is completely natural and improves over the days following the procedure. The face looks fresher, skin tone improves, cheeks are lifted, facial contour is defined, wrinkles and fine lines are smoother, nasolabial folds and the jaw line are reduced as well, and even bags under the eyes can see an improvement.

To perform rejuvenation radiofrequency, the patients washes his/her face, a conductive gel is applied and the RF device is used making small circular motions over the face; this heats the deep internal layers of the skin without heating the surface. The effect of the heat in the inner layer is the reactivation of “sleeping” collagen. The session lasts an hour and the patient can return to her normal activities. We recommend using a good sunscreen.
The number of sessions for radiofrequency rejuvenation depends on the age and skin type of each patient, six sessions may be required for optimal results.

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