Hand rejuvenation using IPL Laser

Hand Rejuvenation using IPL Laser is the application of pulsed light on the hands, which stimulates the production of collagen and helps eliminate wrinkles. It is very effective for reducing spots and freckles caused by sun exposure.

Our team prepares the patient's hands prior to the procedure, the IPL laser machine is moved close to the hands and the light pulses are passed over the skin. Its application is based on a common principle: heating and stimulating the dermis (the inner layer of the skin) while cooling and protecting the epidermis (the outer layer), activating collagen production. During the procedure, most patients experience little or no pain, some reddening, swelling and inflammation may occur, which is totally normal. These effects disappear quickly. The permanent use of sunscreen is recommended. The treatment lasts 45 minutes to an hour.
The number of sessions will vary according to the patient; four to six sessions may be required for optimal results.

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